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Science and health diplomacy project in Egypt; the first of its kind in the Middle East

Our Head of Oncology, Ashraf Abdelghany has participated in HSP’s 2017 Health Security Futures Fellowship program. In this article he explains about the importance of science and healthy diplomacy in Egypt and across the Middle East.

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November/December 2018

Common myths about mental health and why it should be a primary care issue

Dr Sora Al Rowas debunks some common mental health myths and she makes a strong case for why primary care providers need to take mental health seriously.

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Adjuvant endocrine therapy: A cornerstone of systemic therapy for hormone receptor-positive breast cancer

Adjuvant endocrine therapy remains a cornerstone of systemic therapy for hormone receptor-positive breast cancer. Dr Joyce Habib explains how there has been shift in the choice and duration of adjuvant endocrine therapy in pre and postmenopausal patients.

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UAE officials announced in October 2018 that anyone entering the country now needs pre-approval to bring personal medicines with them.

Anyone entering the UAE now needs pre-approval to bring personal medicines with them and the new legislation is especially strict on narcotic drugs, controlled, and semi-controlled drugs. Read our news update for further details.

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Peak performance and epigenetics

Her Excellency Dr Maryam Matar, MD, PhD, explains how peak performance is linked to epigenetics and enough scientific evidence is available to suggest that sleep, exercise, nutrition, and meditation impact on peak performance and health.

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People with obesity – their heroic battle to defeat their genes in a hostile hypercaloric sedentary environment

Obesity is defined as an excessive accumulation of body fat that causes health problems. Current data indicate that the incidence of obesity has increased to epidemic proportions in the last 40 years.

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New updates in the management of gout

Dr Khaled discusses the advances in the diagnosis and management of gout; the novel urate-lowering therapies, new imaging modalities, and a deeper understanding of the pathogenesis of gout raise the possibility of better gout care and improved patient outcomes and adequate lowering of serum uric acid with minimal effects on renal tissues.

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Is MERS-CoV still a public health threat in the Middle East?

MERS-CoV was first isolated in the Arabic Peninsula, Maryam Kotb discusses whether it remains a global threat.

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Regenerative medicine in the Middle East

Dr. Asawari Bapat provides an in-depth article on regenerative medicine highlighting the opportunities for the Middle East. Regeneration considers the delivery of specific types of cells or cell products to the diseased tissues or organs, where they will ultimately restore the tissue and organ function. All this is done through cell-based therapy or by using cell products, such as growth factors.

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