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UAE officials announced in October 2018 that anyone entering the country now needs pre-approval to bring personal medicines with them.

Anyone entering the UAE now needs pre-approval to bring personal medicines with them and the new legislation is especially strict on narcotic drugs, controlled, and semi-controlled drugs. Read our news update for further details.

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November/December 2018

People with obesity – their heroic battle to defeat their genes in a hostile hypercaloric sedentary environment

Obesity is defined as an excessive accumulation of body fat that causes health problems. Current data indicate that the incidence of obesity has increased to epidemic proportions in the last 40 years.

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Applying AHIMA best practices around the globe

Melanie Endicott, Interim Vice President at AHIMA highlights their best practices, clinical documentation improvement, and discusses the future of health information management.

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Regenerative medicine in the Middle East

Dr. Asawari Bapat provides an in-depth article on regenerative medicine highlighting the opportunities for the Middle East. Regeneration considers the delivery of specific types of cells or cell products to the diseased tissues or organs, where they will ultimately restore the tissue and organ function. All this is done through cell-based therapy or by using cell products, such as growth factors.

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How AI will revolutionize the patient experience in healthcare: Interview with Dr Angelika Eksteen, Director, AI Directions

Interview with Dr Angelika Eksteen, Director, AI Directions discussing how artificial intelligence will revolutionize the patient experience in healthcare.

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Cleveland Clinic’s “Patients First” philosophy: Interview with Dr Jorge Guzman

Dr Jorge Guzman, explains Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, the “Patients First” philosophy and the mindset of patient experience.

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Implementing healthcare quality programmes: Interview with Dr Samer Ellahham

Dr Samer Ellahham, Chairman and Cardiovascular Consultant at Cleveland Clinic, discusses implementing healthcare quality programmes.

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Blockchain, AI, and the end of doctors?

Could Middle East healthcare providers leapfrog the West by using blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to connect people, machines, and data in an intentional and intelligent manner? Article written by Brian de Francesca, Founder and CEO of I should have taken heed of the Socratic paradox that ‘all I know is that I do not know anything’, as in

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The patient centred medical home is the future of good primary care

Non-communicable diseases (NCD) are on the rise in the Middle East. Whilst, there are currently sporadic centres practicing multi-disciplinary care for illnesses like HIV and cancer – the norm remains with the acute model of care. Patients seek subspecialist care resulting in doctor-shopping which can be frustrating and dangerous due to a lack of communication between providers. No country in

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