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People with obesity – their heroic battle to defeat their genes in a hostile hypercaloric sedentary environment

Obesity is defined as an excessive accumulation of body fat that causes health problems. Current data indicate that the incidence of obesity has increased to epidemic proportions in the last 40 years.

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Blockchain, AI, and the end of doctors?

Could Middle East healthcare providers leapfrog the West by using blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to connect people, machines, and data in an intentional and intelligent manner? Article written by Brian de Francesca, Founder and CEO of Brian de Francesca Brian de Francesca is the founder and CEO of Ver2 Digital Medicine. He has over 20 years experience of

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Saudi Vision 2030: The opportunities in healthcare

Nathan Nagel, CEO of the Middle East Medical Portal, highlights the opportunities being presented to foreign healthcare companies The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia accounts for around half of the GCC’s $1.6trn economy, making it the biggest market in the Arab world and the 19th-largest worldwide. Known for its rich oil reserves, the likes of which have allowed Saudi to remain

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The patient centred medical home is the future of good primary care

Dr Sora Al Rowas provides a fascinating case study highlighting the benefits of patient centred medical homes in the Middle East. Dr Sora Al Rowas Is an internist who is passionate about general internal medicine and its role in medical education. She is also excited by underserved medicine and enjoys educating medical professionals on a range of topics. Non-communicable diseases

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Stretching the boundaries of science

In 2005, a plan was made to create a hub that boosted the UAE’s scientific sector. Today, Dubai Science Park (DSP), is a vibrant, holistic, science-focused community of over 350 companies. At Dubai Science Park (DSP), their ultimate goal is to emerge as the most innovative and vibrant community for all segments of the science sector, whilst branching out into

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New UAE visa system will benefit healthcare professionals

Our reporter Zaineb Al Hassani investigates Amir Firdaus is Group CEO of Burjeel – VPS Healthcare. Mr Firdaus is in charge of overseeing a number of hospitals and medical centres in the region including Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi. The introduction of 10-year residency visas for certain highly skilled workers should have an all-round positive impact on the UAE’s healthcare

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Neonatal feeding and swallowing disorders (Neonatal Dysphagia)

A comprehensive article on neonatal feeding and swallowing disorders including treatment and clinical management strategies.

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