Important details of COVID-19 disease from basic virology to treatment options – 2 CME Points


by Dr. Fathima Farveen Sharaff

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Dr. Fathima Farveen Sharaffis specialised in Microbiology and Environmental Sciences disciplines and has a PhD in Infection, Immunity & Inflammation from the University of Leicester, UK. She has research and teaching experience in the UK and Sri Lanka. She has publications in international peer reviewed journals such CHEST, Infection & Immunity & Inflammation, Central European Journal of Biology. Dr. Sharaff has special interest related to clinical microbiology special emphasis to bacteriology, virology, biochemistry molecular biology and healthcare topics.


  • Relate the virology  and aetiology of COVID 19 to the current diagnosis and prevention practices
  • Understand the COVID-19 pathophysiology and translate it to treatment and vaccine approaches
  • Have a better understanding on the interaction of the virus and the  host immune system
  • Have an evidence based approach in terms of diagnosis and tests
  • Evaluate and analyse the current treatment recommendations for COVID-19
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