The digitalization of medicine & how to make it work for you – 2 CME Points


by Brian de Francesca. M.B.A., F.A.B.C.

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Brian de Francesca has over 20 years international healthcare experience and is considered a leading authority on the use of digitalization and connectivity to improve all aspects of healthcare. Brian is the founder of the award winning Digital Health platform – Ver2 Digital Medicine. He regularly speaks and writes on a variety of topics ranging from global medical research consortia, to the future role of quantum computing in healthcare.

The digital future of healthcare is upon us, those that embrace it and adapt to it shall prosper – those who do not, will perish. This course will guide you to using digitalization and connectivity to improve efficiency, to increase revenue and to improve quality. This is the single most learning experience you need, to create a solid foundation for your future in medicine.

  • What is digitalization and connectivity?
  • What is broken about the current healthcare models?
  • How is the future different from the past?
  • What is the future role of doctors and other humans?
  • The fundamental importance of process literacy.
  • Is artificial intelligence really artificial? All you need to know about A.I. and more.
  • What happened to Block Chain?
  • What does medicine look like in 10 years, and how to I get there?
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