Arab Health 2022

Make the most of your time and money at ARAB HEALTH 2022

The Middle East Medical Portal (MEMP) has exceptional market access because we work with all the stakeholders in the region. (1) Healthcare organisations such hospitals and clinics. (2) Healthcare authorities such as government and management groups. (3) Government regulatory authorities. (4) Major distributors (5) Medical societies and associations (6) Individual Key Opinion Leads.

MEMP is also have exceptional market access as it is an accredited CPD/CME provider of online education for physicians and surgeons.

MEMP has a reach of 55,000 subscribers, over 35,000+ monthly website views, over 27,000+ LinkedIn connections, and over 17,000+ Facebook followers.

MEMP is a team of multi-lingual medical, regulatory, pharmaceutical, and commercial professionals that live in the UK and the Middle East. Meet the team


  1. Marketing  your company to your target audience that you will be at ARAB HEALTH and to come and talk to you.
  2. Arranging face to face meeting while at the conference.
  3.  In-depth primary market research through speaking with KOLs and authorities.
  4. In-depth landscape and competitor market research.
  5. Establishing trials / pilot studies / case study of your product or service.
  6. Advice on strategy: which country and why.
  7. Advice on regulatory processes, procedures, and politics.
  8. Research and advise on regional pricing and reimbursement.
  9. Guidance on cultural and socioeconomic differences.
  10. Shortlisting and support in the selection of partners, JVs, agents, and distributors.
  11. Support in the creation of region sales and marketing plans.
  12. Support in the recruitment of key business personnel in the region.
  13. Advice on understanding government department infrastructure and influence.
  14. Brokering distributor deals. Support in reviewing agreements, dealer agreements, agency agreements, franchise agreements, and other business contracts from a commercial (not legal) perspective.


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