Professors, Doctors, Societies and Organisations: make money from creating online medical educations videos.


The Middle East Medical Portal will sell online pre-recorded CME lectures & courses for doctors to pay to view (online video) from the 1st January 2021.

The creators (Professor/ Doctor/ Organisation/ Society) only has to make each medical education video once then earns a revenue every time the medical education video is viewed. 

  • MEMP pays the creators/suppliers of the medical education content a fee up to 50% of each sale of every view of the lecture/course.

The process

  1. Register your interest, below, with MEMP to become an online medical education creator /supplier*.
  2. MEMP will consult its medical team to review if there is a market demand for the lectures and/or courses that you propose.
  3. The contract is exchanged so that you can be paid, on a monthly basis, when your lectures or courses are purchased.
  4. You submit your lectures/courses plan to MEMP to be assessed for quality. MEMP will reject all work until quality standards are
  5. MEMP can make the video with you so you only need a high-quality microphone and webcam.
  6. Upon approval for quality, MEMP will then have the courses assessed to credit CME points.
  7. Once all quality and CME approval is met then the lectures/courses will go live on sale.
  8. You can contact MEMP anytime however the MEMP team will contact you on a monthly basis and keep you informed of your sales.
  9. MEMP will pay you, subject to sales, on a monthly basis.

*LEGAL NOTICE: At no time are the medical education creators employed by MEMP. MEMP Ltd acts as an agent selling the medical education creators content online for a commission fee.