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Professor Graham Ball - AI & ML Expert

Prof Graham Ball is Professor of Bioinformatics at Nottingham Trent University. Prof Ball specialises in the application of innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning methods to the analysis of complex data in the biological, environmental and biomedical domains. For over 30 years, Prof Ball has been a lead figure in the development and validation of bioinformatics algorithms, using Artificial Neural Networks and Machine learning, in health, environmental and biomedical data. He has focussed on applying these approaches to public data repositories leveraging actionable and translational features from the data. He has 190+ journal papers and 7 patents in this area. After a PhD (UN funded) and a Post Doc modelling environmental interactions with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Nottingham Trent University, in 2000 he shifted the focus of his analysis to biomedical data searching for patterns associated with disease.

Professor Ball supports healthcare providers, such as hospitals, by consulting on (but not limited too):

  1. Interrogation and analysis of health data using statistical processes.
  2. Development of models around risk prediction, process optimisation, and process driver identification.
  3. Determination of groups, mapping and structuring health data.
  4. Strategies for data gathering, data cleaning, missing value imputation and parameter representation.
  5. Machine learning and Artificial intelligence based methods for the interrogation of data and determination of actionable features.
  6. Data capture and extraction of structure and meaning from health data.

Professor Ball supports government healthcare bodies by consulting on (but not limited too):

  1. Process modelling and optimisation.
  2. Quantification of costs versus benefits
  3. Establishing frameworks for data collection, storage, security and governance.
  4. Modelling the impact of policy on health outcomes.
  5. Development of systems process models for health systems.

Professor Ball supports drug discovery companies by consulting on (but not limited too):

  1. Application of artificial Intelligence and machine learning methods to discover biological processes and molecular drivers of disease and phenotype.
  2. Identification of existing chemical compounds that target specific biology within a given disease state.
  3. Determination of the systems biology of response to therapy
  4. Determination of the systems biology of toxicity and adverse events.
  5. Development of companion diagnostic molecular panels.
  6. Using bioinformatics to understand biological processes and pathways based on ontological methods.
  7. Interrogation of OMICS data using artificial intelligence and machine learning
  8. Modelling pathways in the context of a given disease indication and identification of an augmented pathway.

Professor Ball supports healthcare IT companies by consulting on (but not limited too):

  1. Implementation and application of artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions.
  2. Quality management systems for storage and data security in healthcare data

Dr Simon Carlino – Analytics & Data Expert

Dr Simon Carlino –  PhD, DipSI, FCMI, FRSM, MBBA, MBCS
Simon is a leading Chief Data Officer and Data Analyst and was recently voted one of the key influencers and thought leaders within Blockchain by the BBA. Simon was awarded the 2016 Saïd Prize for Strategy & Innovation by Oxford University’s World-leading Saïd Business School. Dr Carlino began his career in the private sector where he managed web-projects across various sectors later heading the software development department for a major US Telco. Since then he has worked on some of the UK’s most high-profile health IT projects and has over 15 years’ experience in technology consulting to the NHS and public sector. He holds a degree in Chemistry from London and Oxford Universities and a PhD from Reading University where he published 14 papers and was ranked as one of the Top 200 researchers in Europe and the USA.

Dr Carlino supports healthcare providers, such as hospitals and privately held consultancies, by consulting and advising on the following:

1. Analysis of all types of healthcare data using appropriate and recognised statistical processes
2. Presentation of own or reference data across all levels of an organisation on a need-to-know basis or as required
3. Development of usable information from raw data
4. Large-scale change management programmes around critical care and surgery
5. Application of new Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions for healthcare and other industries
6. Revision of working practices within departments to streamline and improve services.

Dr Carlino supports Government Healthcare bodies by consulting on (but is not limited too):
1. Overall large-scale process development: regional and national
2. Quality management for cutting edge projects
3. Incorporation of legal frameworks (both healthcare and other) as well as legal constraints into processes and projects at all stages
4. Process modelling of solutions and development of new pathways for healthcare and other areas
5. Acting as the link between technology and the Board.
Dr Carlino also supports Healthcare IT Companies & Consultancies by consulting and advising on the following areas:
1. Project Progress and future development of solutions provided
2. Incorporation of new technologies into proposed solutions depending upon client or in-house requirements
3. Supplier management and Key Stakeholder management.

Dr Carlino supports Pharmaceutical companies by consulting on:

1. Application of new business intelligence tools to existing data problems
2. Expansion of data analysis teams and building data or informatics hubs
3. Presentation of data to audiences of all sizes using state-of-the-art tools and methods
4. Acting as the link between science and technology and advising on a suitable path to combine multiple disciplines for the benefit of the company and workforce.