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Help Centre

The Middle East Medical Portal (MEMP) offers a range of online medical education activities including pre-recorded lectures, Live Masterclasses, Live webinars, and Live conferences. Many of these activities are CME/CPD or AACME accredited.


CME = Continuing Medical Education

CPD = Continuing Professional Development

CPD Standards Office = The CPD Standards Office is part of the Professional Development Consortium. (UK organization – CME/CPD recognized globally)

AACME = The American Association of Continuing Medical Education® an accreditation organization for Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Professional Development.

Which medical education activities are accredited?

If an online medical education activity is accredited – details of the accrediting organisation (i.e. CPD Standards Office or AACME) are listed, along with the number of CME/CPD points associated with the online activity.

How do I obtain my certificate?

Online pre-recorded CME/CPD courses

If you have completed one of MEMP’s online pre-recorded CME/CPD courses, then you have to:

  1. Watch, study, and learn from the online pre-recorded lecture.
  2. Answers the questions in the online quiz based on the course’s learning outcomes. You will need a pass of 80% or higher to achieve your CME/CPD point.
  3. Complete the online Evaluation Form.
  4. View, download, and print your CPD Standards Office certificate from your Learner ProfilePlease keep this certificate for your records.
  5. Please refer to your country’s guidelines on how you need to record and apply your credits towards your country’s medical license requirements.

Live: Webinars, Conferences, and Masterclasses

If you have attended one of our live medical education sessions, then:

  1. After you have attended the full session, we will email you a link to a specific Evaluation Form, which you need to complete to receive your certificate.
  2. If the Live session was accredited by CPD Standards Office, then we will contact you with further details. If the activity was accredited by AACME , then our medical education partner will contact you.
  3. Once you have received your certificate, you will need to keep it for your records.
  4. Please refer to your country’s guidelines on how you need to record and apply your points/hours towards your country’s medical license requirements.

In order to access our online medical education activities, you will need to register for an account or log in to your existing account.

Account Details

In your Account Dashboard, you can change your name, display name (for certificates), email address, and password.

View/Access Courses

To take one of our courses, you will need to view CME Courses click on the course you would like and then:

a) Click on Take This Course (if there is no course fee)

b) Purchase the course (if the course has a fee)

Once you have registered for the course(s), then you can commence the course via clicking on the first Lesson associated with that course.

An automatic email is also sent to you providing confirmation of your course registration/purchase and links to your courses.

You can also access all your courses via, My Courses.

Watch the pre-recorded lecture

Each lesson will have a pre-recorded lecture in a video format that has been embedded in the lesson section on our website.

The video is privately hosted in Vimeo and streamed via our website. You can pause and play the video, however, you can not fast-forward as it is a CPD requirement that you watch the whole lecture to obtain accreditation.

Play Video

How do I take the quiz?

After you have watched the pre-recorded lecture, if the course has CME/CPD points, then you have to take the post-course quiz. Scroll down to the end of the lesson details and click on ‘Take CME/CPD Quiz

You will be presented with multiple-choice questions based on the content from the pre-recorded lecture. You will need to achieve 80% and above to pass the course. If you achieve less than this, you can click on ‘Reset Quiz‘ and attempt to re-take the quiz again.

How do I view, download, and print my certificate?

If the course you have completed has CME/CPD points and you have successfully achieved 80% or over on the quiz, then you can view your certificate in My Completed Courses.

Click on ‘View Certificate‘ which will open the certificate in a new tab. In your browser, you can then download and/or print the certificate. It is important to keep the certificate for your records.

Our Live webinars and Masterclasses are conducted through the software GoToWebinar.

How do I register for the webinar?

  1. To register for a webinar, view our CME Webinars, and view the webinar you wish to attend. Click on Click To Register and then complete your details.
  2. You will be sent an email with the joining details, including a link for the webinar.
  3. On the day/time of the webinar, click on the link of the webinar to attend.

I can't log into the session?

If you are having difficulties logging into the webinar session, please click here to visit the GoToWebinar Troubleshooting support page.

I can't hear the sound on the webinar?

If you can’t hear the audio on the webinar, please click here for GoToWebinar’s Audio Troubleshooting support page 

How can I obtain my CME points?

If the webinar or masterclass is accredited with CME/CPD or AACME points, then it will be clearly highlighted on the webinar/masterclass information page.

After attending the webinar/masterclass, you will be sent a link to a unique Evaluation Form that you need to complete within 72 hours of attending the webinar to apply for receiving your CME/CPD or AACME certificate.

After we have received your Evaluation Form, then it will take us approximately 5 working days to process your certificate, which we will email to you (using the name and address you supplied us on the Evaluation Form).

Please keep this certificate for your records.

Please refer to your country’s guidelines on how you need to record and apply your credits towards your country’s medical license requirements.