Jobs in the NHS, UK

NHS Vacancies.

Please contact us if you have at least four years of post-grad experience in any of the below roles.

Please read the GMC on planning to work in the UK as a doctor (physician, surgeon, or anaesthetist)

Speciality Sub-speciality 
Acute internal medicine Acute oncology and acute internal medicine specialist
Dermatology and acute internal medicine specialist
Diabetes and acute internal medicine specialist
Echocardiography and acute internal medicine specialist
Infectious diseases and acute internal medicine specialist
Management and leadership in acute internal medicine specialist
Medical education in acute internal medicine specialist
Neurology and acute internal medicine specialist
Obstetric medicine and acute internal medicine specialist
Palliative care medicine and acute internal medicine specialist
Patient safety/care quality review methodology in acute internal medicine specialist
Perioperative medicine and acute internal medicine specialist
Psychiatry and acute internal medicine specialist
Research in acute internal medicine specialist
Stroke and acute internal medicine specialist
Syncope and acute internal medicine  specialist
Toxicology in acute internal medicine specialist
Ultrasound and acute internal medicine specialist
Allergy Adult allergy specialist
Paediatric allergic disorder specialist
Paediatric allergy specialist
Paediatric immunological disorder specialist
Paediatric infectious disease specialist
Anaesthetics Anaesthetist
Cardiac anaesthetist
Cardiac anaesthetist in critical care
Chronic pain management
Core anaesthetist
Enhanced recovery after surgery anaesthetist
ENT and airway anaesthetist
Higher anaesthetist
Hospice and palliative care anaesthetist
Intensive care medicine anaesthetist
Obstetric anaesthetist
Ophthalmic anaesthetist
Orthopaedic anaesthetist
Paediatric anaesthetist
Perioperative medicine anaesthetist
Regional anaesthetist/acute pain management
Thoracic anaesthetist
Vascular anaesthetist
Audio vestibular medicine General hearing specialist
Abnormalities in eye movement in audiovestibular medicine specialist
Dizziness in audiovestibular medicine specialist
Dysacuses in audiovestibular medicine  specialist
Neuro-otology specialist
Prevention of hearing and balance disorders specialist
Rehabilitation in audiovestibular medicine specialist
Secondary psychological sequelae in audiovestibular medicine specialist
Speech disorders in audiovestibular medicine specialist
Tinnitus specialist
Vertigo in audiovestibular medicine specialist
Aviation and space medicine Aviation and space medicine specialist
Cardio-thoracic surgery Aortic cardiac surgeon
Aortovascular disease in cardio-thoracic surgeon
Cardiac coronary artery graft surgeon
Cardiac surgeon
Cardiac valve replacement surgeon
Cardiopulmonary bypass in cardio-thoracic surgeon
Cardio-thoracic surgeon
Cardio-thoracic trauma surgeon
Circulatory support in cardio-thoracic surgeon
Congenital cardiac surgeon
Critical care and post-operative management in cardio-thoracic surgery specialist
Heart failure surgeon
Heart valve disease in cardio-thoracic surgeon
Intrathoracic transplantation and surgery for heart failure specialist
Ischaemic heart disease in cardio-thoracic surgery specialist
Benign oesophageal disorders management specialist
Oesophageal neoplasia management specialist
Minimally invasive cardiac surgeon
Myocardial protection in cardio-thoracic surgery specialist
Oesophageal surgeon
Thoracic lobectomy surgeon
Thoracic pneumonectomy surgeon
Thoracic surgeon
Thoracic wedge resection surgeon
Transplantation surgeon
Cardiology Academic cardiologist
Adult congenital heart disease specialist
Cardiac device therapist
Cardiac imaging specialist
Cardiac MRI specialist
Cardiac physiologist
Coronary disease and intervention specialist
Device management in heart failure specialist
Heart failure management specialist
Interventional cardiologist
Interventional valve therapist
Interventional valve therapy  specialist
Valvular heart disease, aortopathy and cardiac tumours management specialist
Myocardial disease specialist
Cardiac nuclear imaging specialist
Palliative heart failure management specialist
Pericardial disease specialist
Cardiology rehabilitation specialist
Chemical pathology Chemical pathologist
Metabolic medicine specialist
Child and adolescent psychiatry Child and adolescent psychiatrist
Child sexual health exploitation psychiatrist
Eating disorder psychiatrist
Clinical genetics Cancer geneticist
Cardiac geneticist
Clinical neurophysiology Clinical neurophysiologist
Epilepsy neurophysiologist
Neuromuscular medicine specialist
Sleep medicine specialist
Clinical oncology Cardiothoracic and vascular clinical oncologist
Central nervous and head & neck clinical oncologist
Clinical oncologist
Gastro-intestinal clinical oncologist
Genito-urinary, adrenal, obstetrics & gynaecology and breast clinical oncologist
Musculoskeletal and trauma clinical oncologist
Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics Cardiovascular risk management pharmacology and therapist
Clinical pharmacology and therapist
General acute medicine pharmacology and therapist
Obstetric medicine pharmacology and therapist
oncologist pharmacology and therapist
Poison unit pharmacology and therapist
Stroke pharmacology and therapist
Toxicology pharmacology and therapist
Clinical radiology Breast clinical radiologist
Cardiac clinical radiologist
Chest clinical radiologist
Clinical radiologist
Cross sectional radiologist
CT radiographer
Dental radiologist
Diagnostic radiologist
Early pregnancy imaging specialist
Gastrointestinal clinical radiologist
Genitourinary clinical radiologist
Gynaecological imaging specialist
Head and neck clinical radiologist
Interventional radiologist
Maxillo-facial radiologist
MRI radiographer
Musculoskeletal clinical radiologist
Neuroradiologist clinical radiologist
Oncology clinical radiologist
Paediatric clinical radiologist
Radionuclide clinical radiologist
Vascular clinical radiologist
Community sexual and reproductive health Sexual health specialist
Dermatology Advanced medical dermatologist
Advanced skin surgery and Mohs’ micrographic surgeon
Cosmetic/aesthetic dermatologist
Cutaneous allergy and immunology dermatologist
Dermatology and chronic disease management specialist
Hair and nails dermatologist
Oral and genital dermatoses specialist
Paediatric dermatologist
Photodermatoses specialist and photobiologist
Diagnostic neuropathy Brain banking neuropathologist
Diagnostic neuropathologist
Neurodevelopmental pathologist
Neuromuscular pathologist
Emergency medicine Cardiac emergency medicine specialist
Emergency medicine specialist
Paediatric emergency medicine specialist
Pre-hospital emergency medicine specialist
Respiratory emergency medicine specialist
Palliative emergency medicine specialist
Medical toxicology in emergency medicine specialist
Wilderness medicine specialist
Undersea and hyperbaric medicine specialist
Endocrinology and diabetes mellitus Bariatric medicine specialist
Diabetes in pregnancy specialist
Diabetic eye disease specialist
Diabetic neuropathy and foot problems specialist
Diabetic renal disease specialist
Endocrine late effects of cancer treatment specialist
Endocrinology and diabetes mellitus specialist
Gender identity services specialist
Lipid disorders specialist
Metabolic bone disease specialist
Neuroendocrine tumours specialist
Obesity medicine specialist
Paediatric and adolescent diabetes and endocrinology specialist
Pituitary and adrenal disease specialist
Reproductive endocrinologist
Thyroid problems specialist
Forensic histopathology Autopsy specialist
Forensic histopathologist
GI pathologist
Surgical pathologist
Forensic psychiatry Adolescent forensic psychiatrist
Forensic learning disability psychiatrist
Forensic psychiatrist
Forensic psychotherapist
Old-age forensic psychiatrist
Substance misuse psychiatrist
Gastroenterology Clinical nutritionist
Clinical pharmacologist in gastroenterology
Endoscopic surveillance specialist
Functional bowel disease specialist
Gastrointestinal cancer preventative medicine specialist
High care hepatologist
Inflammatory bowel disease specialist
Inherited gastrointestinal cancer syndromes specialist
Pancreatic disease specialist (pancreatologist)
Pancreaticobiliary diseases specialist
Small bowel disease specialist
Transplantation specialist
Tropical diseases specialist
Upper GI disease specialist
General (internal) medicine Acute internal medicine specialist
Endocrinology and diabetes specialist
General (internal) medicine specialist
Geriatric medicine specialist
Nephrologist (Renal medicine specialist)
Respiratory medicine specialist
Stroke medicine specialist
General practice General practitioner (GP) with special interest in adolescent health
General practitioner (GP) with special interest in dermatology
General practitioner (GP) with special interest in diabetes
General practitioner (GP) with special interest in frail and elderly medicine
General practitioner
General practitioner (GP) with special interest in health disadvantages and vulnerabilities
General practitioner (GP) with special interest in paediatrics
General practitioner (GP) with special interest in chronic conditions and disabilities
General practitioner (GP) with special interest in maternal health
General practitioner (GP) with special interest in mental health
General practitioner (GP) with special interest in palliative medicine
General practitioner (GP) with special interest in sports medicine
General practitioner (GP) with special interest in urgent and unscheduled care
General psychiatry Addiction psychiatrist
Eating disorder psychiatrist
General psychiatrist
Liason psychiatrist
Perinatal psychiatrist
Rehabilitation psychiatrist
Substance misuse psychiatrist
General surgery Advanced trauma surgeon
Bariatric surgeon
Breast cancer surgeon
Breast reconstructive surgeon
Colorectal surgeon
Endocrine surgeon
General surgeon
Hepatic transplant surgeon
Laparoscopic surgeon
Lower GI surgeon
Military surgeon
Operating department practitioner (ODP)
Pancreatic transplant surgeon
Remote surgeon
Renal transplant surgeon
Rural surgeon
Trauma surgeon
Upper GI surgeon
Vascular surgeon
Genito-urinary medicine Adolescent sexual health specialist
Bacterial genito-urinary medicine specialist
Contraception genito-urinary medicine specialist
Genital dermatologist
Genito-urinary medicine specialist
GSM (MSM) genito-urinary medicine specialist
Herpes simplex genito-urinary medicine specialist
HIV genito-urinary medicine specialist
HPV genito-urinary medicine specialist
Prison genito-urinary medicine specialist
Public health genito-urinary medicine specialist
Racially minoritised communities genito-urinary medicine specialist
Sexual dysfunction medicine specialist
Sexual function and wellbeing genito-urinary medicine specialist
Sexual violence genito-urinary medicine specialist
Geriatric medicine Geriatric cardiologist (Cardiovascular disease in geriatric medicine)
Community geriatric medicine specialist
Geriatric dementia specialist
Geriatric diabetologist
Falls and fracture prevention medicine specialist
Parkinson’s disease medicine specialist
Geriatric stroke specialist
Haematology Haematologist
Haemostasis/thrombosis specialist
Paediatric haematologist
Transfusion medicine specialist
Histopathology Cervical cytologist
Cervical screening programme specialist
Colon cancer histopathologist
Gastrointestinal endoscopist
Higher autopsy pathologist
Inflammatory bowel disease histopathologist
Liver biopsy specialist
Molecular pathologist
Non-cervical cytopathologist
Surgical pathologist
Immunology HIV medicine immunologist
Immunodeficiency immunologist
Multiple sclerosis immunologist
Paediatric immunologist
Transplantation immunologist
Tuberculosis immunologist
Infectious diseases Antimicrobial therapy specialist
Bacterial infectious diseases specialist
Community and healthcare acquired infections specialist
Fungal infectious diseases specialist
Healthcare-associated and nosocomial infections specialist
HIV infected and other immunocompromised patients specialist
Infection prevention and control specialist
Infectious diseases specialist
Laboratory practice of infectious disease specialist
Chronic infectious diseases management specialist
Multi-resistant organisms  specialist
Parasitic infectious diseases specialist
Pre-travel infectious disease specialist
Public health in infectious disease specialist
Specific infections related to post-operative sepsis specialist
Specialist in specific therapies in HIV-positive patients
Vaccination and infectious disease specialist
Viral infectious diseases specialist
Intensive care medicine Academic clinician in intensive care medicine
Cardiac intensive care medicine specialist
Echocardiography in intensive care medicine specialist
Education in intensive care medicine specialist
Extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) in intensive care medicine specialist
Hepatic intensive care medicine specialist
Home ventilation in intensive care medicine specialist
Intensive care medicine specialist
Neuro intensive care medicine specialist
Paediatric intensive care medicine specialist
Pre-hospital intensive care medicine specialist
Quality improvement in intensive care medicine specialist
Transfer medicine specialist
Medical microbiology Blood bank transfusion microbiologist
Diagnostic microbiologist
Immunocompromised patients management specialist
Medical microbiologist
Bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infection microbiologist
Vaccination microbiologist
Paediatric medical microbiologist
Public health in relation to communicable disease and microbiology specialist
Stem cell microbiologist
Use of antimicrobial agents (and adjunctive anti-infective therapy) specialist
Medical oncology Breast cancer specialist
Haemato-oncologist (Cancers of the blood and lymphatic system)
Gynaecologic oncologist (Cancers of the female reproductive system)
Cellular therapies of cancer specialist
Colorectal and anal cancers specialist
Complex intensive therapies for cancer specialist
ENT oncologist
Gastrointestinal oncologist
Hepatobiliary cancers specialist
High dose chemotherapy and bone-marrow transplantation specialist
Lung cancer and thoracic malignancies specialist
Cancer of unknown primary management specialist
Germ cell tumours management specialist
Leukaemia management specialist
Lymphoma management specialist
Melanoma management specialist
Multiple myeloma management specialist
Sarcomas management specialist
Medical oncologist
Paediatric oncologist
Palliative care specialist
Oncology imaging specialist (Study and application of imaging technologies to diagnose or treat cancers)
Upper GI cancers specialist
Urological oncologist
Medical ophthalmology Diabetic retinopathy screening specialist
Genetic disease ophthalmologist
Infectious diseases in ophthalmology specialist
Inflammatory disease ophthalmologist
Intraocular therapy specialist
Laser eye surgeon
Medical genetics in ophthalmology specialist
Medical ophthalmologist
Neuro-ophthalmologist (Neurological disorders affecting vision)
Ocular and orbital inflammation specialist
Pharmacology and therapeutics in ophthalmology specialist
Public health ophthalmologist
Retinal disorders specialist
Vascular ophthalmologist (Vascular disorders affecting vision)
Visual rehabilitation and management of long term conditions specialist
Medical psychotherapy Medical psychotherapist
Medical virology Clinical viral syndromes specialist
Hepatitis specialist
Infection prevention and control in virology specialist
Medical virologist
Paediatric medical virologist
Use of agents active against viruses specialist
Vaccination in virology specialist
Viral infection in the immunocompromised specialist
Medicolegal Medicolegal expert
Neurology Epilepsy neurologist
Genetic disease neurologist
Movement disorders neurologist
Multiple sclerosis neurologist
Neuromuscular disease neurologist
Pain management neurologist
Sleep medicine
Stroke neurologist
Neurosurgery Functional neurosurgeon
Neurovascular surgeon
Paediatric neurosurgeon
Skull-base surgeon
Spinal surgeon
Nuclear medicine Cardiovascular nuclear medicine specialist
Endocrine nuclear medicine specialist
Gastrointestinal nuclear medicine specialist
Genitourinary nuclear medicine specialist
Infection or inflammatory nuclear medicine specialist
Musculoskeletal nuclear medicine specialist
Neurological nuclear medicine specialist
Nuclear radiologist
Oncological nuclear medicine specialist
Pulmonary nuclear medicine specialist
Renal nuclear medicine specialist
Vascular nuclear medicine specialist
Obstetrics and gynaecology Gynaecological oncologist
Materal and foetal medicine specialist
Maternal health in obstetrics specialist
Neonatal counsellor
Neonatal physician
Obstetrics and gynaecology specialist
Reproductive medicine specialist
Occupational medicine Aviation medicine specialist
Disability assessment medicine specialist
Diving medicine specialist
Infection control medicine specialist
Occupational dermatologist
Occupational medicine specialist
Occupational respiratory medicine specialist
Public health medicine specialist
Radiation medicine specialist
Sports and exercise occupational medicine specialist
Travel medicine specialist
Old age psychiatry Old age liason psychiatrist
Old age psychiatrist
Ophthalmology Paediatric eye development and disease specialist
Diabetic eye disease specialist
Glaucoma disease specialist
Oculoplastic surgeon
Ophthalmology surgeon
Paediatric ophthalmology surgeon
Retinal disease specialist
Oral and maxillo-facial surgery Adult facial deformity specialist
Cleft surgeon
Facial trauma management specialist
Head and neck oncologist
Oral and maxillo-facial surgeon
Orthognathic surgeon
Paediatric oral and maxillo-facial surgeon
Otolaryngology Head and neck surgeon
Otology surgeon
Paediatric ENT surgeon
Rhinology surgeon
Voice and complex airway surgeon
Paediatric and perinatal pathology Acquired perinatal pathologist
Complications of obstetric and perinatal care pathologist
Inherited perinatal pathologist
Maternal ill health and perinatal pathologist
Paediatric and perinatal pathologist
Multiple pregnancies pathologist
Prematurity pathologist
Stillbirth pathologist
Paediatric cardiology Specialist in ablation and device therapy for paediatric and congenital heart disease patients
Acute congenital heart disease specialist
Acute heart rhythm abnormalities specialist
Adult congenital heart disease specialist
Chronic congenital heart disease specialist
Chronic heart rhythm abnormalities specialist
Foetal cardiologist
Imaging specialist for paediatric and congenital heart disease patients
Paediatric cardiologist
Paediatric surgery Emergency paediatric surgeon
GI paediatric surgeon
Head and neck paediatric surgeon
Hepatobiliary paediatric surgeon
Laparoscopic paediatric surgeon
Neonatal surgeon
Oncological paediatric surgeon
Paediatric surgeon
Thoracic paediatric surgeon
Trauma paediatric surgeon
Urological paediatric surgeon
Paediatrics Child mental health specialist
Community child health specialist
Neonatal medicine specialist
Paediatric allergy, immunology and infectious diseases specialist
Paediatric clinical pharmacology and therapeutics specialist
Paediatric diabetes and endocrinology specialist
Paediatric emergency medicine specialist
Paediatric endocrinologist
Paediatric epileptologist
Paediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition specialist
Paediatric geneticist
Paediatric inherited metabolic medicine specialist
Paediatric intensive care medicine specialist
Paediatric interventional radiologist
Paediatric nephrologist
Paediatric neurodisability specialist
Paediatric neurologist
Paediatric oncologist
Paediatric ophthalmologist
Paediatric otolaryngologist
Paediatric palliative medicine specialist
Paediatric respiratory medicine specialist
Paediatric rheumatologist
Paediatric urologist
Palliative medicine Cancer and oncological palliative care specialist
Community palliative care specialist
Hospital palliative care specialist
Inpatient palliative care specialist
Non-cancer palliative care specialist
Out of hours’ palliative care specialist
Palliative medicine specialist
Personalised medicine in palliative care specialist
Pharmaceutical medicine Pharmaceutical physician
Clinical pharmacologist
Plastic surgery Breast reconstruction, reduction and augmentation plastic surgeon
Burns and scalds plastic surgeon
Cleft lip and palate and other facial deformities plastic surgeon
Hand and upper limb plastic surgeon
Hand trauma plastic surgeon
Plastic surgeon
Reconstructive plastic surgeon for congenital and acquired abnormalities
Soft tissue plastic surgeon
Psychiatry of learning disability ADHD psychiatrist
Autism psychiatrist
Epilepsy psychiatrist
Learning disabilities psychiatrist
Public health medicine Specialist in communicable disease in public health medicine
Specialist in environmental hazard control in public health medicine
Specialist in health promotion in public health medicine
Public health medicine specialist
Screening in public health medicine specialist
Social politics in public health medicine specialist
Rehabilitation medicine Cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation medicine specialist
Neurological rehabilitation medicine specialist
Psychological and functional rehabilitation medicine specialist
Rehabilitation medicine specialist
Trauma rehabilitation medicine specialist
Renal medicine Academic nephrologist
Haemodialysis medicine specialist
Organ toxicity medicine specialist
Peritoneal dialysis medicine specialist
Renal medicine specialist (Nephrologist)
Renal transplantation specialist
Respiratory medicine Airways disease respiratory medicine specialist
Cystic fibrosis respiratory medicine specialist
Lung cancer respiratory medicine specialist
Pleural disease respiratory medicine specialist
Pulmonary fibrosis respiratory medicine specialist
Pulmonary infections respiratory medicine specialist
Respiratory medicine specialist
Respiratory transplantation specialist
Sleep respiratory medicine specialist
Rheumatology Autoimmune multisystem connective tissue disorders specialist
Metabolic bone disease specialist
Paediatric rheumatologist
Sports and exercise medicine Biomechanics and gait analysis in sports and exercise medicine specialist
Cardiology in sports and exercise medicine specialist
Specialist in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics in sports and exercise medicine
Elite sport in sports and exercise medicine specialist
Emergency medicine in sports and exercise medicine specialist
Endocrinology in sports and exercise medicine specialist
Musculoskeletal medicine in adults specialist
Paediatric musculoskeletal medicine specialist
Physical activity in special groups specialist
Primary care in sports and exercise medicine specialist
Psychosocial aspects of sports and exercise medicine specialist
Public health in sports and exercise medicine specialist
Radiology in sports and exercise medicine specialist
Rehabilitation medicine and spinal injuries specialist
Respiratory medicine in sports and exercise medicine specialist
Rheumatology in sports and exercise medicine specialist
Sports and exercise medicine specialist
Sports and exercise surgeon
Sports and exercise occupational medicine specialist
Trauma and orthopaedic surgery Ankle and foot trauma and orthopaedic surgeon
Bone tumour trauma and orthopaedic surgeon
Hip or knee trauma and orthopaedic surgeon
Joint reconstruction trauma and orthopaedic surgeon
Lower limb trauma and orthopaedic surgeon
Paediatric trauma and orthopaedic surgeon
Rheumatoid trauma and orthopaedic surgeon
Spine trauma and orthopaedic surgeon
Sports and exercise surgeon
Trauma and orthopaedic surgeon
Trauma microsurgeon
Upper limb trauma and orthopaedic surgeon
Tropical medicine Chronic fatgue syndrome specialist
Clinical care in resource poor settings specialist
Imported infection and pre-trvel health services specialist
Outpatient antimicrobial therapist
Parasitic infections specialist
Tropical medicine specialist
Tuberculosis medicine specialist
Urology Andrologist
Complex pelvic surgeon specialist
Laparoscopic urologist
Paediatric urologist
Renal transplantation specialist
Vascular surgery Abdominal vascular surgeon
Diabetic patients with vascular disease management specialist
Elective vascular surgeon
Emergency vascular surgeon
Endovascular and open surgeon for aneurysms and aortic dissection
Laparoscopic vascular surgeon
Deep venous disease management specialist
Vasculitis management specialist
Open vascular surgeon
Endovascular and open surgeon for aneurysms and aortic dissection
Management of deep venous disease
Vascular surgeon
Vascular surgery imaging specialist
Vascular trauma surgeon

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