Marketing of new healthcare facilities

Do you need your healthcare facility marketing so other healthcare professionals refer patients to your’ clinic?

The MEMP team have over ten years of experience marketing healthcare facilities in the GCC to build the referral network for the facility.

  • The MEMP team have a database network of over 45,000 healthcare professionals and can target it down to a region in a country.
  • One of the effective strategies MEMP uses to grow the awareness of the clinic and brand is to co-create online ACCREDITED CME SESSIONS based on the strengths of the clinic and invite all the doctors in the region to attend.
  • MEMP gives your clinic doctors an opportunity to show their skills and knowledge to other doctors; this builds a brand and a memory / SOP of whom to refer their patients to.
  • This strategy works by increasing the clinic’s brand awareness, and, most importantly, it increases the TRUST level in the clinic.