Medical Recruitment

The Middle East Medical Portal support healthcare providers across the Middle East to recruit talented senior: medical, management, and leadership professionals.

Why hire MEMP to recruit your senior doctors and executives?

A) Our team are medically qualified so we know what we are talking about.

B) We have relationships with senior medical professionals across the Middle East.

C) We have a subscriber list of 43,00 medical professionals and 6,000+ views on our site per month, thus we have a large reach to recruit the very best people for your organisation.

Contact MEMP for your senior recruitment needs

HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS:  Contact Alyson at [email protected] 

SENIOR HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS:  (Consultant, board certified, surgeon, executive) Contact Alyson at [email protected] 

About Mrs Alyson Smith – Senior Appointments Recruiter

Mrs Alyson Smith spent over 40 years in the NHS where she held a variety of nursing positions in both primary and secondary care across a wide range of medical disciplines. Since leaving the NHS she has worked in medical market research, medical writing, and recruitment. Alyson has excellent people skills and a strong understanding of medical roles. She holds qualifications in nursing and a BSc in Biology. Alyson lives in Kuwait.

Alyson Smith