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Model for utilizing distance learning post COVID-19 using (PACT)™ a cross sectional qualitative study

Nathan Nagel

By Nathan Nagel

Nathan is the CEO of the Middle East Medical Portal


COVID − 19 pandemic pressured medical schools globally to shift to Distance learning (DL) as an alternative way to ensure that the content delivered is satisfactory for student progression.

Aim of the work

This work aims at mapping priorities for post-COVID planning for better balance between distance learning and face to face learning.


This qualitative study aimed to develop a model for utilizing DL using The Polarity Approach for Continuity and Transformation (PACT)™. A virtual mapping session was held with 79 faculty from 19 countries. They worked in small groups to determine upsides and downsides of face-to-face and DL subsequently. An initial polarity map was generated identifying five tension areas; Faculty, Students, Curriculum, Social aspects and Logistics. A 63-item assessment tool was generated based on this map, piloted and then distributed as a self-administered assessment. The outcomes of this assessment were utilized for another mapping session to discuss warning signs and action steps to maintain upsides and avoid downsides of each pole.