Medical and English Training for Medical Professionals in KSA 

We offer MALE and FEMALE training rooms at our office.

The Middle East Medical Portal (MEMP) has operated for 10 years and is an internationally accredited medical training and education company with experts in adult and paediatric care. MEMP delivers academic and CME training programs, advisory boards, specialist medical recruitment, and additional English language training (IELTS) for healthcare professionals. MEMP operates in both English and Arabic language. MEMP has an operations office in Al-Taif and covers all of the KSA.

MEMP has a contact database of over 20,000+ healthcare professionals in Saudi Arabia as a talent pool to recruit from. MEMP understands and respects the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) employment requirements.

To ensure clinical excellence and continual improvement MEMP provides both academic (UK Universities) and CME medical training. The education will be delivered using the latest technology either online, in Saudi Arabia face-to-face, or in the UK inside NHS hospitals. MEMP can also  arrange adult and paediatric fellowships in the NHS, UK.

Training Centre Contact Details

Mr Basit Haidari


ADDRESS:  Taif Mall, Shahar Street, Al-Taif Saudi Arabia.

Medical and English Training Centre for Medical Professionals in KSA