Oncology Second Opinion Service


MEMP partners with ‘The Oncology Clinic on Harley Street’. The clinic provides a second opinion service, for HCPs, on management and modern treatments for Cancer. With over 20 years of experience and with access to top consultants from all the leading London Hospitals (and being independent from all) the Harley Street Oncology clinic has an international reputation for expertise over 25 years.

The Oncology Clinic is led by Dr Nick Plowman, MA, MD, MRCP, FRCR, FRCP. His is a globally respected oncologist,  qualified from Cambridge University and has been a consultant oncologist at St Bartholomew’s Hospital and the Hospital for Sick Children in London for thirty years. His research work has led to global progression in medical practice including the introduction of aromatase inhibitors into breast cancer management and glucocorticoids into advanced prostate cancer management. Dr Nick Plowman has also forwarded the practice of modern radiotherapy, for example the use in children with cancer, and will shortly be part of a team introducing Linac-based proton beam radiotherapy into clinical practice.

Other leading experts in the team include specialists in surgery, interventional radiologists (cryotherapy, embolization, HIFU, nanoknife), oncologists and site specific cancer researchers. Genomics are probed utilising three leading genomic sequencing companies which are leading edge in the field. The team is collaborative on many projects.

Opinions are based on succinct and yet comprehensive case histories, the pathology results so far (from biopsy or resected surgical specimens) and imaging. Family history and past medical history may well be relevant. Please do not bring scores of notes but reports edited down to the essentials – history (previous surgery/other, chemotherapy with the agents used and results of therapy, results of diagnostic tests in chronological order (histopathology, genomics, molecular, immune), staging results at the various time points and other therapy –radiotherapy, Smart drugs etc – when, for how long and why stopped.


Dr Nick Plowman