Additional online courses coming soon

1. Virtual Transformation in Education.

2. Using Technology in Teaching.

3. Certified Medical Educator Course.

4. Certified Trainer in HPE.

5. Managing Educational Risks.

6. Planning for Contingency (A Health Professions School Course).

7. Managing Burnout in Healthcare.

8. Adapting Teaching Strategies to Virtual Settings.

9. Assessment Six Steps.

10. Certified Assessor Course.

11. Strength Cased Leadership.

12. Managerial Leadership.

13. Interprofessional Practice.

14. Workplace Based Evaluation Tools.

15. Hospital Culture Planning and Execution.

16. Educational Environment and Culture.

17. Managing Difficult Conversations.

18. Appreciative Inquiry.

19. Polarity Management in Healthcare.

20. Communication Skills for Crisis.

21. Self-Care for Health Professionals.

22. Teaching Methods.

23. OSCE Examinations Adapted for Distant Learners.

24. Project Management and Evaluation.

25. Working Your KPSIS.

26. Creating and Mapping Impact.

27. Communication Strategies (Stakeholder Management) in Health Projects.

28. Faculty Development Planning.


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