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PRODUCT NAME Beasy Patient Transfer Board


  1. Prevent staff back injuries so less staff go off work. The healthcare professional does not have to lift the patient. There is no lifting, tugging or twisting which reduces injuries to both the patient and the healthcare professional. The patient slides on the board.
  2. The Beasy board is Strong and Flexible as it s made from state-of-the-Art DuPont™ spun fiberglass Minlon® materials that can support vey large people up to 400 lbs (181KG), so all patients can transfer with confidence and dignity.
  3. Tissue Friendly. Many patients have fear of skin tears, or irritation to pressure sores with standard transfer boards. Beasy technology places the user on a safe, stable seat. As the seat glides easily across the base of the system, the weight and friction of the transfer is absorbed by the seat, not the patient’s skin and tender bones
  4. Company website https://beasyboards.com/ 
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