Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine Education and Training 

DR ASAWARI BAPATDr. Asawari (Asa) Bapat (MD(DPB), PGDHHM, CABP(H)) is the chief of regenerative medicine and leads a large team of experts in regenerative medicine education training courses and advisory services.

Dr Asawari (Asa) is a Medical Doctor with specialization in Clinical pathology, (Transfusion, Transplants, Lab Medicine and Immunology). She has 20+ years of Leadership experience as Medical Director, PI & Vice-President (USA, UAE, India & Australia), managing & supervising, Complex Diagnostic Labs, Facilities for Regenerative Medicine, Gene & Cell Therapy Companies, Designing successful Clinical Trials towards success. She has been piloting & managing international teams for complex technology transfers including evaluations, regulatory guidelines & risk analysis. Asa has built strong relationships & has optimized successful collaborations, business associations efficiently through her network. Currently she is a Consultant, Advisor & Counsel for many Biotechs, Pharmaceutical & Regenerative Medicine Facilities & Companies Globally. Validated global expert for:-Gene & Cell Therapies, Biotherapies. – Cord Blood Banks, Tissue Banks. -Clinical Trials in Regenerative Medicine Therapies & Devices, -International Quality Management Systems, -Optimization of Clinical services including Marketing, Logistics & on ground support. -Gap Audits- Internal, External, Supplier Evaluations, -Accreditations, Certifications (AABB, AATB, FACT, JCI, CAP, ISO, US FDA, DCGI, MOHAP and global regulations).