Services for Businesses

Services for Businesses

MEMP supports companies in pharma, diagnostics, devices, software and equipment, in both B2B and B2C markets.
MEMP supports companies inside of the middle east with market development services.
MEMP supports companies outside of the middle east with export and market entry services.
Service range for both include, but not limited too, market intelligence, product registration support, medical product evaluations, setting up a new company or distributor selection, sales, marketing and round table medical education sessions.

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  • MEMP are in contact with distributors, healthcare providers, health authorities and government bodies across the middle east.
  • The MEMP team live across the middle east and the CEO lives in the UK & UAE.
  • MEMP are a team of multi-lingual medical, regulatory, pharmaceutical, and commercial professionals that live in the Middle East.


MARKET INTELLIGENCE:  MEMP speak face to face with regulatory authorities, healthcare buyers and medical professionals to obtain the critical information that the board needs to make informed decisions.

PRODUCT REGISTRATION SUPPORT: Support the company in knowing which of the regulatory authorities to submit their product data too, how best to position the product so the process is as quick as possible, how to best write the data so the regulatory authorities pass the product and support throughout the whole process until the product is allowed to be sold in the target country.

PRODUCT MEDICAL EVALUATIONS. Researching and selecting which hospitals/clinics are most suitable to undertake medical evaluations of products to demonstrate effectiveness. The strategy and often used to develop key opinion leaders, product champions and reference sites.

SET UP OF NEW COMPANY OR SELECTION OF DISTRIBUTORS: To support the company to decide which country and where to open an office and how to open a new company. Or to review of group of distributors, then broker the agreement with the selected distributor then to support both parties with driving the product registration forward.

CONTRACTED SALES TEAM: To work as a third-party either with manufacturers and or distributors in the Middle East to drive sales through face-to-face selling of medical products.

ONLINE PROMOTION: To market commercial companies products/services to medical professionals in the Middle East through a dedicated webpage and extensive regional online reach: 43,000+ e-newsletter subscribers, 12,000+ monthly website views, 21,000+ LinkedIn connections, and 18,000+ Facebook followers.

ROUND TABLE MEDICAL EDUCATION SESSIONS: To bring together medical key opinion leaders and companies to discuss medical matters.


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