Services for hospitals and clinics

1) INCREASED PATIENT FLOW – MEMP provides marketing and business development services to increase more private patients and medical referrals to be sent to your hospital or clinic.

BRANDED/SPONSORED MEDICAL EDUCATION WEBINARS: Present on medical topics to showcase your expertise and services to the medical community.

BRANDED/SPONSORED ARTICLES: Promote your healthcare service through medical education articles.

ARRANGE COLLABORATIONS: MEMP can arrange and broker collaborations between healthcare providers between the UK and the Middle east.

2) MARKET RESEARCH: Learn more about the market in your specific area of medicine and discover the market opportunities.

3) MEDICAL EDUCATION – Does your organisation want to upskill its Drs? MEMP provides online CME courses for Drs.

4) ELITE RECRUITMENT – MEMP knows the leading Drs across the region so can recruit the best of the best to work for your healthcare facility.

Contact the CEO Nathan Nagel for further information.