Services for hospitals

The Middle East Medical Portal (MEMP) supports healthcare providers such as hospitals, clinics and government departments in the Middle East.

1) PATIENT FLOW FROM THE UK / NHS.  Does your organisation want more patients? MEMP provides business development services to broker contracts with the NHS to send patients to your hospital. The purpose is to reduce NHS surgical waiting lists.

2) MEDICAL EDUCATION – Does your organisation want to upskill its Drs? MEMP provides online CME courses for Drs.

3) SOURCING SOLUTIONS – Does your organisation want to progress quicker? MEMP will source, from the UK and USA, solutions such as healthcare systems, platforms, technology and SOPs and arrange meetings and implementations of all.

4) MARKETING – Does your hospital want to market its brand and services, so that more Drs refer their patients? MEMP provides online marketing services to promote your organisation to the middle east medical community.

5) MEDICAL EXECUTIVE SEARCH– Does your organisation need new talent? MEMP provides head hunting services to find the best of the best leaders for hospital management and clinical, medical or surgical appointments.

Contact the CEO Nathan Nagel for further information.