Services for the UK and USA

TELEHEALTH: MEMP and Co provides a telehealth service where patients in the middle east are seen by leading Drs in the UK and USA. Your hospital or clinic could be involved.

ONLINE MEDICAL EDUCATION:  MEMP and Co provides an online training service (live and pre-recorded videos) for Drs, nurses and management in hospitals and clinics across the middle east. The education is delivered by leading healthcare organisations and Universities from the UK, USA and Egypt.  Your hospital, clinic, university could be involved.

INCREASED PATIENT FLOW: MEMP provides marketing and business development services to increase more private patients and medical referrals to be sent to your hospital or clinic.

  • BRANDED/SPONSORED MEDICAL EDUCATION WEBINARS: Present on medical topics to showcase your expertise and services to the medical community.
  • BRANDED/SPONSORED ARTICLES: Promote your healthcare service through medical education articles.
  • ARRANGE COLLABORATIONS: MEMP can arrange and broker collaborations between healthcare providers between the UK and the Middle east.

ELIETE RECRUITMENT: MEMP is in contact with leading Drs across a wide range of medical and surgical fields, so together with the ability to talk the medical language MEMP can recruit the best of the best to be part of your telehealth services.

Contact the CEO Nathan Nagel for further information.