Sleep Infuser for insomnia 

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Across the Middle East, there is an increasing number of people suffering from sleep disorders including difficulties falling or staying asleep.

Sleep deprivation has can lead to a range of health problems including: mental health issues; decreased cognitive function; eating regulation issues. People in the region who suffer from insomnia and other disorders will benefit from this brand new unique sleep diffuser device.

Sleep Infuser

Unique sleep diffuser with patented technology 

The Sleep Infuser uses patented audio technology to help your brain reset its natural sleeping cycle. We have taken our research and independent testing results and created a device that actively works with your body to deliver the sleep that you need.

This is much more than a sleep tracker or noise blocker. A combination of practical features and programs, work together to give you so much more than any phone app could provide.

The Sleep Infuser is designed with 4 programs to target these main types of sleep problems and to fit into your schedule.

Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep

Achieve the perfect full nights sleep. Our patented and proven sleep algorithm will play throughout the entire night to take you through all five stages of sleep.

Easy sleep

Easy Sleep

Ideal for when you have limited time for sleep. Our algorithm will optimize your sleeping pattern to achieve the best possible sleep – even if you need to get up early.

Fall Sleep

Fall Asleep

If you struggle to drift off, this setting will take you through the first stages of the sleep cycle and then fade away once you reach deep sleep.

Power Nap

Power Nap

Perfect if you need to top up your sleep during the day. Simply choose 30 or 60 minutes and the algorithm will take you into and out of sleep; waking refreshed.

Benefits of the Sleep Infuser

This Sleep Infuser will make a truly life-impacting change for people across the Middle East who are having sleeping difficulties. This product has been tested in many countries and during a recent trial in the UK, the testers experienced a dramatic change in the number of hours they sleep over three weeks.


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