Stretching the boundaries of science

Marwan Abdulaziz Janahi

By Marwan Abdulaziz Janahi

Marwan is Executive Director of Dubai Business Park, the region’s first free zone community that serves the entire value chain of the science sector, dedicated to supporting scientific Entrepreneurs, SMEs and multinational enterprises.

25 Aug 2018

Stretching the boundaries of science

In 2005, a plan was made to create a hub that boosted the UAE’s scientific sector. Today, Dubai Science Park (DSP), is a vibrant, holistic, science-focused community of over 350 companies.

At Dubai Science Park (DSP), their ultimate goal is to emerge as the most innovative and vibrant community for all segments of the science sector, whilst branching out into new avenues to facilitate the growth of their business partners.

They aim to play a significant role in the realisation of Dubai’s leadership vision by facilitating a more sustainable and self-sufficient future that maximises the use of indigenous resources and talent. DSP will achieve this goal by supporting innovation in the sciences.

‘Dubai Science Park is home to more than 350 companies of all sizes’

Today, DSP is home to more than 350 companies of all sizes – from startups and SMEs to MNCs – that together employ over 3,600 industry professionals. They provide offices, private labs, and warehouses to entities such as Alexion, Amgen, Bayer, Merck Serono, Pfizer, and Pharmax.

With an occupancy rate that is nearing full capacity, it is their overarching goal to continue their growth trajectory and expand their portfolio of facilities.

Apart from physical infrastructure, DSP will remain committed in their efforts to consolidating their status as an industry enabler. They are in a unique position where they enjoy close relationships with key players from the government, academia, and business. Therefore, DSP’s stakeholders view their regular events, such as our Business Partner Breakfasts, Green Leadership Series, DSP Career Fair, and Arab Health Gala Dinners as valuable networking opportunities that allow them to forge synergies with a wide spectrum of relevant entities.

In line with DSP’s belief in the important role policy work plays in their success, they are collaborating with The Executive Council of Dubai on the rollout of the Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030. As the Chairing Member of the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment Taskforce of the strategy, DSP is mandated to identify, develop, and promote key opportunities in the local healthcare sector that will help transform Dubai into an international healthcare hub.

DSP’s mandate for the future is clear. They will continue to strengthen Dubai’s position as a destination for science companies, as well as a hub for research and development, manufacturing and prototyping activities by providing a conductive environment that fosters innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Dubai Science Park features:

  • State-of-the-art offices in a variety of sizes, giving businesses the flexibility to choose the space that suits their needs.
  • A laboratory space at the highest global standards. The core and shell spaces are equipped with air exhaust and ventilation systems, an acid resistance drainage, pH neutralization system,
  • A valuable Business Centre specifically equipped for the needs of startup businesses and offers contemporary, furnished offices, and open-space workstations to the science sector.
  • Warehouse space designed specifically for storage, showroom, distribution, logistics, and light manufacturing for the science sectors.

DSP hosts a wide-range of events, including:

  • An annual career fair showcasing professional opportunities.
  • Fun-filled family dayS for aspiring scientists aged 4-12.
  • A range of leading scientific industry events.

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