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Success at ASU MENA FRI. Led by its world class leader Professor Samar Ahmed

Nathan Nagel

By Nathan Nagel

Nathan is the CEO of the Middle East Medical Portal

ASU MENA FRI for its second year and a couple of days ago, welcomed the second batch of change agents to start theirs journey towards a better future to be capable of leading medical education reform in relevance to their national and community needs .

ASU MENA FRI provides a collaborative environment for scholars in leadership positions in health professions education in the Middle East and African countries ensuring they gain up to date knowledge, skills, and attitudes that would help them lead change in the region through training and development of communities of practice.

This year ASU MENA FRI have a unique batch of the best candidates from Sudanese, Libyan, Afghan, Iraqi, Saudi in additional to Egyptians Fellows among upper and lower Egypt to serve MENA region and to change the world to a better place.

World class leader

Professor Ahmed is an MD, JMHPE, FAIMER Fellow and faculty. She is the Director at Ain Shams Middle East North Africa FAIMER Regional Institute for Health Professions Education (

Dr Samar Ahmed