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TMT Editorial: The Future of Virtual Health – Near Term Analysis of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Telehealth and Medicine Today (TMT)

By Telehealth and Medicine Today (TMT)

Telehealth and Medicine Today (TMT) is a leading international peer review journal where multidisciplinary thought leaders, practitioners, and stakeholders converge to address strategic, medical, technical, economic, legal, regulatory and societal aspects of this growing health technology sector.

Lyle Berkowitz, MD, Steve Ommen, MD, John Halamka, MD

Telehealth has received a lot of attention over the past few months as healthcare providers necessarily shifted. This was initiated by the need to decrease virus exposure and PPE usage, and then further enabled by pro-telehealth reimbursement and regulatory changes. What lessons were learned that help us envision what the future might look like over the next 12 months?

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