Turn Your Expertise Into Extra Income

Turn your expertise into extra repeat passive income

The Process:

  1. Register your interest, below, with MEMP to become an online medical education creator/supplier*.
  2. MEMP will consult its medical team to review if there is a market demand for the subjects that you propose.
  3. MEMP will send you a contract so that you can be paid.
  4. MEMP will supply you with the CME planning template (in MS word) to fill in and send back.
  5. You create the content with MEMP. (A) We arrange a zoom meeting with you (B) You present your lecture using PowerPoint with your webcam turned on (MEMP is recording the session).
  6. Upon approval for quality, MEMP will then have the medical education material assessed to credit CME points.
  7. Once all quality and CME approval are met then the course will go live on sale.
  8. MEMP will pay you, subject to sales, on a three-monthly basis.

For each CME lecture, we will ask you to send us the below: (Not yet, this is for your information)

  • Your full name and title.
  • Your qualifications.
  • Your biography.
  • Title of your educational lecture/course.
  • Summary of your agenda and timings of each section.
  • Intended HCP audience type.
  • Details of any references to relevant codes of practice, standards, or regulations that you will mention in your lecture/course.
  • Required prior knowledge of target audience (E.g. fellowship in cardiology).
  • The five learning outcomes from your lecture/course that the view will gain.
  • Any references (research/articles/reports used in the course development).
  • Five MCQ to test of the viewer has paid attention and learned.

Turn Your Expertise Into Extra Income

*DISCLAIMER: Medical education creators are not employed by MEMP and are third-party suppliers responsible for their own taxes on their earnings.