Evidence review of nicotine: Information for use in clinical practice – 1 CME Point

22nd June 7pm UAE time

by Dr Jomana Karim BSc (Hons) MBchB MRCGP and Dr. Ahmed R. Hamed PhD, MSc, PMP, PfMP

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AGENDA – 1 CME Point

  1. What does the evidence say about nicotine and cancer?
  2. What does the evidence say about nicotine and heart disease?
  3. What does the evidence say about nicotine and COPD?
  4. What does the evidence say about how best to quit nicotine addiction?
  5. What does the evidence say about harm from nicotine?
  6. What does the evidence say about using nicotine for harm reduction from smoking?


Dr Jomana Karim BSc (Hons) MBchB MRCGP is an experienced General Practitioner. She completed her medical education at the University of St Andrews & the University of Manchester. After obtaining her medical degree she completed further medical training to become a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners. During her training Dr Karim worked in several large teaching hospitals in multiple specialities. After completing her post graduate training, she worked as a physician in one of Manchester’s busiest emergency departments as well as working in other private and NHS general practice roles. Dr Karim is involved in providing smoking cessation advice on a daily basis as part of routine primary care services.

Dr. Ahmed M. Rashed Hamed (PhD, MSc, PMP, PfMP)

Dr. Ahmed Rashad is a fellow of family medicine at Family Medicine Department, Medical School, Cairo University. Currently he works as Assistant professor of Healthcare Administration at the Institute of Public Administration, Riyadh. In total he has around around twenty-five years of diverse experience working with public, private, Civil Society Organizations and multinationals in the Middle East. This experience includes professional consultant in public health and health system strengthening with the World Health Organization (WHO), The United States Development Agency (USAID). Dr. Ahmed is also a part-time instructor of healthcare administration at The American University in Cairo, School of Business.Dr. Rashad is holding two master’s degrees in international health policy and management and Family Medicine from Brandeis University, USA and Cairo University, Egypt respectively. He also has two post graduate professional diplomas in Hospital Management and Total Quality Management from the American University in Cairo. He is also holding a Medical Doctorate degree in Family Medicine, which focuses on the institutionalization of the post-graduate medical education as part of an entire health system development emphasizing on the major role/importance of human resources with this regard.


This educational CME is sponsored by Philip Morris Management Services (Middle East) Limited

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