Hypertension in special population, those with type II diabetes, obesity and kidney disease

5 June 14:30 to 15:30 PM UAE Time

by Dr. Nizar Atallah

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Webinar Objective and Description:

For the meeting, the objective will be to provide updates on hypertension urgency and emergency and updates on the latest ESH 2018 guidelines, studies on BP targets, and to highlight the studies and evidence related to ACE inhibitor Perindopril/ Indapamide/ Amlodipine single pill combination in hypertension management in hypertensive patients with type II diabetes, obesity and kidney disease.

a)  Highlight which patients would benefit from RAASi/Diuretic and CCB combinations.

b)  Highlight the place of RAASi/ Diuretic and RAASi combinations in the guidelines.

c) Highlight importance of single-pill combinations in the management of CV diseases

Speaker Biography:

Dr. Nizar Atallah is Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, in University of Kentucky Medical School, Lexington, Kentucky, USA and Consultant in Nephrology and renal transplantation in Cleveland Clinic, Abu Dhabi. Dr. Nizar is an expert in hypertension in the UAE. His main areas of interest include managing patients with resistant hypertension and improving outcomes and quality of life of patients with combined heart failure and kidney disease. He is Clinical professor of medicine at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner’s College of Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio (USA). During his career, he published several abstracts and papers in peer-reviewed journals on immunosuppressive regimens in kidney transplantation, secondary hypertension, cardio-renal syndrome and prevention of complications of chronic kidney disease.



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